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Scared to jump into eCommerce?

Don’t be. I’ve worked with all manner of platforms since I started mucking about with it, including Shopify, Weebly, Etsy, eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, completely custom built solutions, WooCommerce and the big behemoth… Magento. Each have their good points and bad points, but there is something easily manageable out there for everyone. Whether you want to sell antiques, hand made items or print on demand shirts. If you want to carry stock or if you want to drop-ship everything direct from China it’s ALL DO-ABLE!

There is no quick, easy solution – running your own shop is a job in itself. You get back what you put in though.

Case in point: Paul Sullivan Leather ( www.paulsullivanleather.co.uk )

I first met Paul at a lurcher show in South Wales during the summer of 2014. We’d chatted online for a while beforehand, sharing lurcher tales and I bought one of his beautiful handmade collars for Sketch. That show was his first proper show stall and his business has gone from strength to strength since. He’s quit his day job and now makes his living, supports his family and his lifestyle all through creating leather goods for working and showing hounds, and beyond.

I set up his website in late 2016 and the orders haven’t stopped rolling in since. He manages the majority from his end, checking orders and marking them shipped & completed. I’ll upload stock for him or change bits and pieces every now and then. It works very well combined with his massive 7,000+ Facebook following and regular posting.

Another case in point: Mr Broom’s ( www.mrbrooms.co.uk )

I met Phil Broom through the car scene a long time ago! He approached me for help with his website in early 2016 to help make his sales process easier – no more time consuming back and forth messaging with customers, now they can just browse his entire range at once and buy via PayPal. I set it up and handed it over, and now he completely manages it.

His business has now outgrown his kitchen, a purpose built shed, a new mixing room and is moving into it’s fourth premises. Its still an on-the-side alongside his full time job. Product has been featured in GQ Magazine and is stocked in a few high end Barber Shops. He’s expanding into products for the ladies next, which will do really well considering his scents are AMAZING.

Both of these shops are running on Weebly’s eCommerce platform, there’s a small cost involved but for both businesses its outweighed by the benefits. This was the best solution for each business at the time, though it may not be for every business!

So, if you’d like to find out how eCommerce can help your business, or even if its viable for you, let me know. Combined with a bit of elbow grease, some dedication and some marketing (be that on or offline) its definitely do-able.